middle brow | citizen how \ 28 jul 17 /

*transgender in the military*

"we can't do transgender in the military." this week, our president decided before his twitter following to ban transgender american citizens from serving their country.


first, there he goes mixing up nouns and adjectives again. his pronouncement sounds like "we can't have citrus in the compost". we can't have "subordination" in the military, sure. or "mutiny" on the [b]ounty. (or can we?) but "transgender in the military" doesn't make sense. and that's not just a commentary on his intelligence. it's a commentary on his complete nihilism. the man cares about nothing at all in the world. not even getting discriminatory grammar correct. he has no views. but i digress w/r/t that point.

so, trump's transgender ban is serious issue number one. this week. and every week. while this and other such policies stand. and i don't care how much it detracts from "trump russia", as he calls it. or the second most important issue (see below).

why? quite simply, it comes down to gender v sex v love.

sex: fine. your god (because your goddess would never) commands that gay sex is immoral and should be outlawed by federal, state and local governments. while i might question your god's priorities, and while i would definitely call such a view "bigoted" (sorry, but the definition is clear), at least you could pass blame to your religion.

love: again, you refer to your god for your insistence that a man/woman cannot be allowed to love another man/woman the way you love your woman/man. what a weird god you have! if you believe (and he believes) that the world is better with less love in it, you're going to a very unique church. ... we know something of jesus, having gone to catholic schools our whole lives. and that god-kid hipster was hardly concerned with anything *BUT* love.

but if you want to give someone a hard time about the gender that they feel with every inch of their body and brain? well... if you believe any of the above, we believe you're a dick. but let's just be clear: being transgender isn't about *having sex* with anyone. and it isn't about *loving* anyone either. except for yourself. it's about being comfortable in your own skin. about being happy with yourself. about feeling *right*. at least that's what we've learned so far.

we have so much more to learn about it. and many of you do, too. but, in the meantime, if you want to make our transgender friends feel like they have no place. if you want to add to the shoulder-shattering stress they must feel everyday of their lives. well, let's just say we'd gladly be passed over by you for coors or yuengling.

and anyway. as i said above. this president doesn't even care about the issue. he cares about nothing. he's been such a massive loser so far (see, again, healthcare last night), that he's just desperate for a win. and he chose to discriminate against a bunch of americans as a means to score a partial budget vote win in the house. for a budget that he knows full well won't make it through the senate.

but it's hard to win when you don't work hard.