new beer notice \ 8 dec 17 /


is a 10.3% milk stout with pasilla, guajillo and morita peppers, cacao nibs, indonesian cinnamon, vanilla beans, sweet orange peel, and clementine zest. you can eat this beer for dessert.

mostly we make beers meant for moderate weather. or at least that's what people tell us. "this beer would be great in the summer"... oh really? but we just released it in the winter and you clearly liked it!!! but you can't argue with people's tastes. and so we don't. but we haven't retreated on that "moderate weather" thing. we prefer to say we make daytime beers. our beers are great during the day. even on cold, wintry-mix days.

but that doesn't mean that none of our beers work at night. or "in the winter". or when the temperature on the wind shield is lower than zero. that's what they mean when they say "it's 13 degrees at the lake, but -4 with the wind shield", right? 

one of our better known winter beers is ad astra. the salted caramel scotch ale i've told y'all about before. but among the craft beer cognoscenti, our spiced imperial milk stout is far more popular.

just recently, we released a barrel-aged version. well, we're releasing the so-called "real" version next tuesday. the timely version, i guess? the just-plain-fermented version. this version doesn't have it's doctorate. it's simply graduated from some really good college and is ready to conquer the world. not an ivy league college, though. cuz that ain't middle brow. maybe like the university of michigan or northwestern or something. anyway, we're releasing it next week for all of you to drink BY THE END OF THE YEAR. surely you'll spend some time around a dinner table with family or you beau or bae by then, right? or even alone. it's a great alone beer. at 10.3% just two will warm you up. cuz hey, citrus. on a cold-as-f night. you gotta stay positive.