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"mauve beer? i mean, i've heard of pink beer. and red beer. and even purple beer. but ... mauve?!?!" that's right. we made a mauve beer. and it's on tap for a very limited time at bangers and lace in both wicker park and evanston.(you may be able to find some at bucktown pub). the beer is so soft and brightly funky that you just might wanna punch it. like, the way you wanna punch your lovable uncle sometimes. the one who listens to the smooth jazz station all day on your summer vacation. and you come back form the beach at lunch time. to microwave up some chef boy-ar-dee ravioli and watch a jerry springer rerun. and all you hear is smooth jazz. 95.5. ... 

well our mauve beer is somehow like that. i promise. it's a milkshake ipa. with raspberries, blackberries, vanilla and a blended yeast quotient. every sip is a fucking treat. (more california clipper jazz. or kamasi washington's truth.) the beer is called *IN RAINBOWS* and it's a collaboration we did with mike van meter of bangers. a real mensch. he even got the bangers folks to donate $1 of every purchase to one tail at a time. talk about a killer bar for the new millennium. if you're a 21-year-old child, you should spend your extra money there. especially since it's at the start of the liveliest, most varied stretch of f+b joints in the city. 

...... and for a limited time! ...... you get a whiskey shot to wash down with our beautifully, delicious mauve beer. beer and shot and a generosity buzz. all for $9!

today ends our formal november residency at bangers. but the beer will stay on and slay on and sleigh on through the holidays.