middle brow | citizen how \ 24 nov 17 /

beer is what.

there's a really goofy trend in beer. developed mostly as a reaction to the recent popularity of much-less-bitter, dare we say softer, ipas. and much sweeter stouts. and that is to say "but they don't taste like beer". it's meant to display the superior beer-smarts of the speaker. but, ironically, it does the opposite. 

beer was likely stumbled upon when humans, who like sweet things, figured out that you can make a sweet beverage by adding hot water to grains. and they made ... beer! and then they started messing with the grains they used depending on availability. did some people not like the new-fangled grain drink? sure. but did they change the name of the drink? no. they called it beer. and then they started treating their grains a bit differently by utilizing caramelization. and it was still beer. and all the while, beers tasted different depending on the yeast that was used, which was largely dependent on location. but these were just different kinds of *beer*. and then they started using hops to preserve beer. and beer got a bit more bitter and aromatic. and did they call it "throat dust water"? no. they called it beer. and then in the modern era brewers the use of a wide array of fruits and spices came back into vogue. and it's still f'ing beer! ... 

so now. people are simply changing the timing at which they hop beers. and messing a bit with the temperatures at which they mash in. or further editing their grains before brewing with them. and suddenly "they don't taste like beer"? nah. people who makes these claims simply don't prefer the taste of these beers. that's all. and that's fine! but when they defend these preferences by pretending to have special knowledge about what beer is, they lose credibility. ... don't ever listen to them. drink what you like. no matter what some bored beer maven says.