new beer notice \ 3 nov 17 /


after our release on tuesday night, we'll prepare for another release thursday night, november the ninth. can you say FoBaB OvErLoAd?!?!?!?!?! but guess what? this beer is not barrel-aged! thank god. we'll need a break from that. and you will too. promise us.


the wonderful folks at bangers and lace approached us earlier this year about making a beer whose profits were dedicated to an animal charity. as we always are whenever a retail partner shows interest in the charitable side of our efforts, we were bowled over. we decided together to make a double dry-hopped milkshake ipa with raspberries, blackberries, vanilla beans and lactose. like our other double dry-hopped ipas, this one was fermented with four different yeast strains. it sings with berries and fruity esters. and rounds out with vanilla and a hint of sweetness. oh! and it's a beautiful beer-purple in color. come on thursday night; you'll see what we mean.

profits from the beer will be donated to one tail at a time, who will be in attendance with a mother fecking puppy in tow. come pet it. and maybe even adopt it. i mean, unless you peach-plum forget to bring your heart with you.