hangnails \ 3 nov 17 /

in avondale.

i told you last week 'bout the barrel-aged beauty that we're releasing at the beer temple thiscoming tuesday night. it's a koval whiskey barrel-aged rendition of *THE MILK-EYED MENDER*. i delivered the cases to those fly cats in avondale yesterday. this is a very limited release, so please make sure to get there as early as you can. also: there's a limit of one bottle per customer. 

there's something super special about delayed gratification. it's something brewers and vintners and distillers and picklers know a lot about: you have a creative moment. and then you work and work and work to make the object of your creativity. and then you wait. and you turn knobs this way and that. and then you work again finally to taste the thing. and it's not what you wanted. and fuck!! you waited a whole month for this! but, nevertheless, you get to it again. and eventually it works out. 

and then there's barrel aging. that takes a special kind of patience. the beer we're releasing was made nearly three years ago. it sat in oat whiskey barrels that we stuck in the closet for 2+ years. and we had no idea what it was doing in there. and we bit our hangnails in anticipation. and we put our ears on the barrel staves. and we smelled the area near the bunghole. (!) and it seemed... fine? but we had really had no way of knowing what it would be like.

and then we took the barrel out of the closet. and then we took the beer our of the barrel. and then we let it condition for 6 months more in the bottles. and then we drank one casually. and were happy that our shirts had holes in them. and that we'd been eating beans and rice for years. it was all worth it. this single, beautiful, rich, deep beer is something we never knew we could create.

please make plans to come buy one on tuesday night. we promise it will make you happy, too.

in the meantime, we'll kill our dinner with karate. which mostly means we'll eat vegetables and fruits and grains and legumes. and, if we're really lucky, a small fish.