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so we tweak. and we massage. and we finesse. and we botch. and we discover. and we make some beers over and over and over again. and this is good. this is part of making good beer. or, when it's already good, better beer. ... so naturally, this is what we chose to do with our #sellsout series. where we sell out and make IPAs.

sells out is our double dry-hopped ipa. "double dry-hopped", or DDH, is the term that seems to be forming around beers that derive from the newish new englander tradition of making really juicy, aromatic, sweeter-than-average IPAs. sometimes you'll see NEIPA instead of DDH. 

anyhow. sells out is our take on this new move. but, as we're wont to do, we couldn't get comfortable making a simple DDH IPA. instead, we experimented a bit by fermenting our pilots with several yeast strains. in the end, we settled on using *four* different yeast strains. a wallonian saison strain, two ipa strains, and a faux wild strain. and now that we've landed our base DDH IPA recipe, our rhythm section. we search for a charismatic duet partner. one who's sweet. and whose voice has curves. and earth. and light. that is to say: we change the hops from beer to beer. e.g., sells out mosaic. sells out vic. etc.

and so here we are. noticing all of you. about our newest beer. *SELLS OUT VIC*. it's a DDH IPA, and it's arguably our proudest weird beer yet. it's puzzlingly heavy with vic secret, pacifica and mandarina hops. which together make you feel like you're walking through a valley in oaxaca, harvesting papaya, trimming pineapple stalks and drinking a guava jumex out of one of those blue cardboard liters. as ever with our sells out series: it's got a soft and very moderately sweet finish. so you can drink two. 6.5%.

please go buy it and drink it this weekend. while it's still fresh. available at any number of bars and shops. the green lady and bitter pops in rosko village, to beermiscuous in lakeview. the beer temple in avondale. warehouse liquors in the city city. or the open bottle or beer cellar in the suburbs.