middle brow | new beer notice \ 6 oct 17 /


last week we told you about our collaboration with lucky dorr. well... this week it's here! come to l'park at wrigley this sunday in the early evening and grab a little slug of #eddie, our blended yeast, rye saison with ginger. it's got everything a girl could want: ginger. it's also got everything a boy could want: ginger. it's also simultaneously autumnal and crushable and not an oktoberfest. go figure! and it'll make you hum a pearl jam song. just please check that awful cubs tribute at the lucky dorr's door.

oh. and we'll be donating half our profits from the beer to the logan square farmers market. so as to help them. in some #modest fashion. to continue their cool work on the boulevards and in the barrios. and because real food is culture.


ad astra.

in stores near you. now. go grab some. and then eat dinner. and then crack a can. caramel in your nose. light chocolate and smoke on your tongue. salt to round out the sweetness. it'll remind you of the depth of your favorite HBO characters. or the fresh tobacco smoke of your uncle's truck or den. or the richness of your grandma's old fashioned. 

how very autumnal, these things. the time for richness and depth and memory is upon us! let's all celebrate it.