middle brow | heroin \ 29 sep 17 /

a wasted metaphor. 

middle brow has a very, very modest orbit. but even in our tiny orbit. big pharma, the single most evil "big" in the world, wreaks havoc.

while we're mostly powerless up against them, there are still things we can do to try to limit the number of young men and women who fall victim to heroin and other addictions. i mean, we ain't doctors. and we ain't experts on addiction. but we've seen a lot of it first hand. and from our experience, we've learned a child's handful of things. first: treat addiction like the disease it is. do not shame addicts. insist, instead, that they're not weak or bad. that they're simply sick. insist that they get to a doctor. or fuck getting to a doctor. insist that they take the phone from you when you call a doctor for them. just to chat. second: treat addiction like a disease. stop glorifying it. stop showering positive attention on heroin (and other) addicts. be constructive with and demanding of them. but don't look at them with star-crossed eyes. don't make excuses for them. don't myth-make on their behalf. being a good friend. a good human. requires that.

ad astra aspera. it's a charming metaphor. but such a waste of one on people who are chasing something they can't catch. #pfuckpfizer. and fuck heroin. it's evil.