Middle Brow’s Apprenticeship program provides job training and individualized, supportive services to at-/in-risk and disconnected youth (ages 18-24) in Chicago. Training at Middle Brow Bungalow offers apprentices restaurant, hospitality, manufacturing, and other transferable experience. Services include personalized goal setting, development of life and self-management skills, linkage to resources and benefits, collateral services to significant support people, including family, housing case managers, and probation officers, and connection to permanent employment post-apprenticeship.

The 12 week apprenticeship program could be useful for someone looking to gain experience in the hospitality or manufacturing industries, or for someone who is looking to gain some experience or transferable skills for a resume, regardless of the field they'd like to pursue. Our goal is to support young people who may be experiencing barriers to employment gain both the hard and soft skills that will help them reach their goals.


Alison Larkin, LCSW
(260) 348-6890