middle brow started in november of twenty eleven, when some longtime homebrewers had the idea that good beer might be used to do good deeds. and that their community, and many others like it, could use more good deeds.

they spent weeks honing their best recipes. they enlisted help from other homebrewers. and they found a contract brewery willing to brew small batches with no long term commitment. this was good. because they didn't have any uncles with half a million bucks.

over the course of two years, they made SO MANY NEW PEN PALS!!!! at various federal, state and local government agencies.

in november of twenty thirteen, middle brow (finally) brewed its first large scale, commercial batch of beer. in may of twenty fourteen, they donated 50% of the profits from that beer to cure violence, a local violence prevention organization whose members have become world-renowned for their courage in "interrupting" gang violence on the streets of chicago. really... these people literally stand in front of knives and bullets.

the middle brow team continues to brew beers that they enjoy, and donate half of their profits to courageous people who are fighting to improve their communities.

we hope you enjoy those beers and support those people, too.

viva chicago.