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podcast rap.

we sat down sunday for our second (?) podcast ever. with the gracious guys behind The Best Bar Podcast Ever. they were a treat to talk to (at??) for 30+ minutes. (sorry again for droning on and on, dudes.) ... listen on your flight back from the carolinas or the dirty rockies or your drive back from east moline or wherever. or, better yet, you know right before you're supposed to leave for your flight or your drive our to your aunt's. and your best girl has a last minute surprise email she has to answer. or maybe your best boy's shoes don't feel right with the pants he's wearing but he's really attached to the shoes and so now he needs to switch his pants which go fine with his sweater but not so much with the shirt he had on under it? and now you gotta wait like twenty minutes to leave? listen then. it'll either help the frustration pass, or it'll redirect your anger toward me for all the droning. but at least you'll get a bit about the history and future of middle brow. if you care to know it.

thanks again, justin and milos!

photo by amy jo royale

photo by amy jo royale